Fast, simpler and cheaper surgical guides

Why take days to produce a dental drill guide when it could take just hours. DDS-Pro is a powerful new software solution that digitises the traditionally labour-intensive task of crafting a surgical guide. High-quality templates can be produced in a fraction of the time, and for a vastly lower cost.

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Add a profitable new service

DDS-Pro can help you to produce quality dental drill guides for tens of euros rather than the many hundreds of euros it’s likely to currently cost. Imagine how much more business you could be doing and the possible profit margins, or the work those in your team could be freed up to engage in. We’re revolutionising the dental industry by stripping away the cost objection to drill guides, and we’d love you to be a part of that. As a dental lab you have the opportunity to also become a reseller of our software, or a local dealer, which would enable you to build stronger relationships with all of the dentists in your area

Digitisation increases quality and reduces returns

Fully design dental drill guide templates in the digital environment by uploading working models and DICOM data to accurately determine the size, shape and angulation of implants. It’s a precise tool for rapid formation of surgical guides, and even helps you to locate and avoid nerve channels. Faster production increases the profitability of your dental drill guide service, and higher quality and accuracy ensures fewer returns.

New skills draw in new business

We are behind you 100%. Whether you decide to be a super-user of DDS-Pro, or a reseller of our new dental software, we provide training to make sure that you maximise its potential for your business. Use these skills to speed up production of dental guides, win new business from existing clients or dentists previously unable to afford the service, or become a regional specialist in affordable quality surgical guides.

Fully supported and regularly updated for free

Produce dental drill guides in-house, or work in collaboration with your existing dental lab with DDS-Pro. Invest in a 3D printer or outsource this step. Why rely on the manual craftsmanship of numerous people moulding and chiselling your surgical guide by hand and eye when the whole process can be digitised, leaving no room for human error.


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What our clients think!

Get CT and impression in the morning. Design and produce drill guide during lunch. Have operation in the evening. All of this in small town in Siberia.
Dmitry | Dentist

Ability to prepare case for our dentists, who only needs to place implants in DDS-Pro improve quality of our communication. Ultimately impacting our end results with our patients.
David | Dental Lab Owner