Please find below our most frequent asked questions. Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


what is dds-pro?

DDS-Pro is a new piece of software for dentists and dental technicians to help them to produce dental drill guides/surgical guides faster, cheaper and more accurately than by any current means.


how much does a licence cost?

This fee includes free training, unlimited support, and free upgrades and updates for ever.


Are there any other fees I should be aware of?

In most cases we charge this fee to your local dealers/resellers, not to dentists.


Do I have to get the software through a local dealer?

No. You can download both ‘viewer’ and full versions of the software from our website as well as from your dealer’s website. However, if you’d like to continue working with your current dental lab to produce dental drill guides, then you might wish to mention our software to them, as it will improve both speed and cost for them to do so, and offers significant business benefits that we’d be happy to discuss.


Why does my local dealer charge more for a licence than is stated on your website?

If this is the case, you may find that your dealer is covering local taxes associated with the licence fees. We have a recommended retail price, but our resellers are free to determine what is fair for their market.


You say we get training for free. Who will provide me with training?

Where a local dealer exists they will provide you with your training and support. However, if you do not have a local dealer close by we will supply training and support centrally. Further training and supporting videos are available through your online portal at dds-pro.com.


Is it true that I get software upgrades for free?

Absolutely. We are committed to caring for our customer’s needs and that includes only selling software that continues to remain relevant and current for as long as it’s needed to be, with updates provided completely free of charge.


What if the software does NOT recognise DICOM files from my CT scanner?

We have designed DDS-Pro to be flexible to accept any and all DICOM files, but if we have missed one we’d like to hear from you. Please send your contact details to support@dds-pro.com and our technical team will be in touch as soon as they can to resolve the matter.


What if the software does not work on my computer?

Please check if your computer meets the minimum requirements of our software as set out on our website. If not, please either contact your local dealer for assistance or us directly if you do not have a local dealer.


How can I become a local dealer?

That’s simple – just contact us via the form at the bottom of the Reseller page on our website or email partner@dds-pro.com. We’d be delighted to hear from you to discuss the benefits and responsibilities of becoming a reseller of our industry-leading software.

If your question is not covered in this section, please feel free to email it to sales@dds-pro.com and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.