Introducing DDS-Pro

The New Dental Software

DDS-Pro software is dedicated to support diagnostic of dental implantation procedure and stomatognathic surgery is intended for professional use.

DDS-Pro version 1.8_2018

Certified manufacturer: JST sp. z o.o.
Ul. Wały Dwernickiego 43/45, 42-200 Częstochowa, Poland

Dental drill guides for a fraction of the cost

Powerful, affordable software solution designed to help dentists to produce dental drill guides/surgical guides for tens of euros rather than the many hundreds of euros it currently costs.

DDS-Pro license cost only €300 and comes with free upgrades & updates for ever.

Surgical guides produced in hours not weeks

Digitise the process of designing dental drill guides and standardise file formats for production, then all you’ll need to create a high-quality surgical guide is a CT, a 3D impression, our software and the contact details of someone with a 3D printer or milling centre. Production can now take hours instead of days or even weeks.

Higher quality implant surgery for your patients

Dental drill guides improve implant surgery accuracy and speed, and they reduce the risk of patient discomfort. They help dentists with less implant experience to achieve better results with more confidence, and patients are assured of the best in dental care. Slashing the cost of surgical guide production allows you to offer implants more affordably to your patients.

Improved implant surgery accuracy

DDS-Pro works by superimposing a working model with DICOM data to help you pinpoint the correct implant size and position far more accurately than was ever previously possible. Visualise nerve channels and determine angulation for surgery for higher accuracy and predictability. The resulting digital model can be produced in a standard format that any 3D printer or milling centre can use.

A flexible solution

Produce dental drill guides in-house, or work in collaboration with your existing dental lab with DDS-Pro. Invest in a 3D printer or outsource this step. Why rely on the manual craftsmanship of numerous people moulding and chiselling your surgical guide by hand and eye when the whole process can be digitised, leaving no room for human error.

Free viewer download

We want you to see for yourself just how good a job our software can do, how simple it is to use, and how cost-effective it could be for your business. So we’ve created a ‘viewer’ version of DDS-Pro that’s completely free for you to download – no credit card details or direct debit instructions required. If you then decide to upgrade to the full version to start creating dental drill guides, it’s important to know that with this comes free training and a lifetime of free support and upgrades.

Try our ‘viewer’ version of DDS-Pro today and take a good look at the sophisticated software that will help you to produce dental drill guides for a fraction of the cost.

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DDS-Pro version 1.8_2018
Certified manufacturer: JST sp. z o.o.
Ul. Wały Dwernickiego 43/45,
42-200 Częstochowa, Poland

What our clients think!

Get CT and impression in the morning. Design and produce drill guide during lunch. Have operation in the evening. All of this in small town in Siberia.
Dmitry | Dentist

Ability to prepare case for our dentists, who only needs to place implants in DDS-Pro improve quality of our communication. Ultimately impacting our end results with our patients.
David | Dental Lab Owner